Cyprus Cubing League
National Monthly Competition
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Cyprus Cubing League is a local speedcubing tournament organized by Cyprus Cubing. It's open for everyone who can solve a Rubik's cube. The one season lasts for 8 Tours (8 monthly competitions starting from October 2020).
Every tour has 3x3x3 event, 3 different events and 1 bonus event selected randomly during the competition.

Cyprus Cubing League

1 tour participation
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Season Schedule
November 20, 2021
November 20, 2021
Tour 2 - Nicosia
Russian House
- 3x3x3
- Pyraminx
- Megaminx
- Square-1
- Bonus event
December 18, 2021
December 18, 2021
Tour 3 - Frenaros (Famagusta)
Εργαστήρι Πολιτισμού "Απόπλους"
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Tour 1 (Limassol) results
Main League Table
U12 League Table*
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*Players must have been under 12 years old on 1 June 2022
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